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What Not to Pack

Posted December 27, 2017

You wake up anxious. It’s the big day! You’re finally going on that vacation you’ve been looking forward to for months. The tickets are bought, and you are all packed, but there’s one little hiccup in your plan to make this the best trip ever. Your suitcase will barely close. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to pay the overweight bag charge, so you begin looking through the things you’ve packed, but you cannot decide what you should leave at home.

The thing about traveling is that when we leave our home, we have a hard time choosing which of our favorite things we want to leave behind. I mean, why would you want to leave your limited edition memorabilia behind. What if there’s a fire, and it’s ruined. You just have to take it with you right? Wrong. There are so many things travelers think they HAVE to bring with them when they leave home but to save time and money; it is best to pack only the essentials. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of things you should leave at home when traveling.

Leave Your Beauty Routine at Home

Ladies and gentlemen, if you use twelve different products to tame your hair, it’s time to cut some of those items for your trip. Trust us; you will look just fine for your vacation pictures if you use a combo shampoo and two styling products instead of eight. Ladies this also goes for makeup. Don’t bring every single piece of makeup you own. Select a few looks and only bring the things required to achieve those looks.

Also, leaving these items at home will expedite your process through TSA as they have many regulations in place to limit which items you should be bringing aboard. Some tips for packing the stuff you do bring is to avoid bulky containers to bring your items. Ziploc bags work just as well and take up less space.


Don’t Overpack Clothes

When choosing outfits for your vacation, it is always a great idea to not overpack. Even though you want to plan for any change in the weather, you’ll want to check the weather and know exactly what you’re packing for. Check your trip itinerary, so you know what kind of outfits you will need for your trip.

A good tip for this is to pack neutral colored clothing items so not only do you have many options, but you can mix and match these items to put together quite a few outfit combinations. Talk about versatility!


Leave the Valuables at Home

So, you have that ring you treasure and want to wear to a dinner on night six of your vacation. While that ring may be the accessory that pulls your entire outfit together, how will you feel if that ring gets lost? Luggage gets lost or delayed occasionally. It’s best to leave anything that has value at home to not only save space but also cut down on the risk that you may never see those items again.


Don’t Pack Things You Can Buy There

You may be trying to save money by bringing your own Tylenol, nail polish, snacks, and magazines, but they’re just space hogs when it comes to making sure you do not exceed the weight limits enforced. It is best to just purchase these items once you are in your location from a drugstore or a supermarket. Trust us, cutting minimal things like this out of your packing routine is key to maximizing your luggage space.


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Happy Travels!