The Changing Design of Airports

Posted March 13, 2017

Airport Renovations and the Importance

For frequent travelers, changes in airports and airplanes may seem less subtle as they gradually are introduced over time. However, for those who seldom fly may be bombarded with many different changes each time they travel. Things like airplane upgrades to offer more leg room or overhead space happen much more often it may seem. One of the long-term upgrades in a traveler’s world is the airport structure and appearance.

The Overall Airport Experience

We’ve all been in an airport that made you think twice about even putting your bag on the ground while waiting at the gate. This type of experience can cause you to steer away from traveling using that airport in the future. Airports compete with other airports in their region and therefore must keep their facility clean and up to date. As a result, they have continued and will continue to give themselves the occasional facelift to meet the changing needs of travelers. Each airport is different in the services they provide while you wait to board your flight.

Some of the top airports in the United States include the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. This airport features at least 50 different stores selling name-brand clothing. There are also gourmet restaurants to choose from that are straying away from your typical airport fare.  Similar in fashion, the Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) features 100 shops and restaurants to choose from while waiting. Airports like these make traveling a little less cumbersome. An airport with an entirely different feel can is located in Long Beach, California. The Long Beach Airport (LGB) has an outdoor wine bar with palm trees providing shade, allowing your Cali vacation to extend a few hours longer! For a look at more of the top airports in America, visit’s Best and Worst Airports in America.

Airport Planning

When an airport is planning a renovation, a good deal of planning must be done. Those on the planning committee must consider both current needs and future growth possibilities. Albert J. Ellis Regional Airport recently completed a major renovation that started in the year 2013 to accommodate their growth. There are more than 344,000 passengers that use this Onslow County airport each year. For that reason, the new terminal is much larger in both its size and services offered. The new terminal is over 57,000 square feet and features second level boarding through covered passenger bridges. At the airports previous terminal, airplanes were boarded at ground level.

Sustainability is Important

Airports are aware of the rising costs of air travel, and for that reason, they are always looking for ways to make it as affordable as possible. One way that airports can contribute to this is the sustainability of their terminals. Airports are complex in nature, and the expansions and upgrades must match their complexity. Albert J. Ellis Airport updated its terminal to current standards of energy to help improve efficiency, safety, and security.


Albert J. Ellis Airport’s Recent Renovations

The Future of Air Travel

It’s impossible to predict the future, but air travel is likely not going anywhere. Airports must continually be aware of the possibilities of growth in their facilities. At our airport in Jacksonville, NC we have prepared for our future growth with our beautiful renovation. We are located in a central location of eastern NC making it easy to access. See our new look for yourself by choosing to book a flight with us, whether you are military or non-military!