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For more than 40 years, Infax has been helping patrons navigate public spaces. Our systems provide clients with the capability to communicate vital information in real time. With thousands of displays nationwide, our solutions have become an integral fixture in the public sector, healthcare and transportation markets. Infax remains committed to being the most reliable and effective solution for information dissemination.

To reduce the risks from crowding at the airport during the holidays, family and friends meeting inbound or sending off outbound passengers are asked to wait in their vehicles in the parking lot.

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Airline No. To Time Gate Status
DL 4783 Atlanta 9:14 pm 2 On Time
AA 5664 Charlotte, NC 9:49 pm On Time
Airline No. To Time Gate Status
DL 5242 Atlanta 06:00 am 2 On Time
AA 5036 Charlotte, NC 06:50 am 3 On Time
AA 5427 Charlotte, NC 08:46 am 3 On Time