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A Slice of History

Posted February 13, 2018

Albert J. Ellis (OAJ) Airport has had commercial airline flights for quite a while, actually since Valentines Days 1971. For the past 47 years, we’ve been helping travelers reach their destinations safely with great pride. We have 3 gates and a single runway, and feature airline service provided by Delta Air Lines and American Airlines.

Both airlines operate several types of aircraft include the Bombardier CRJ900. This nearly 120’ long jet cruises at just over 510mph. Over 400 of these are crisscrossing the sky today powered by General Electric jet engines made right here in North Carolina. With seating for up to 90 passengers and tipping the scale at over 84,000 pounds, this bird is a little larger than your family sedan.

Just 5 short years ago, we began construction on the terminal we proudly operate out of today, which is two stories and totals just over 67,000 square feet. This was all part of our terminal redevelopment program which allowed us to raise $50M to bring our airport up to a higher standard of air travel. We officially completed this undertaking August 19, 2015. Since 2000, the annual number of travelers has grown by over 230,000. Today, we have just over 310,000 travelers using the airport each year, and it’s been growing year after year as we service passengers just like you!

As you can see, we’ve come quite a long way to offer the best possible service we can offer. Whether you’re going to Charlotte or Atlanta then connecting beyond, we’re glad to help you get there. There are many benefits that come with using a regional airport vs. driving to a larger airport. That’s where we fit in the picture of thousands of travelers each month. You don’t need to burn fuel and time driving to a larger more hectic airport when you have us. Zip-out and enjoy the convenient parking, which is cheaper than most airports in the state and fly through the short lines. Several of the many benefits of regional airports keeping you more connected to your family & friends.
So, as you plan your next business trip or vacation getaway, be sure to consider all the options and benefits that truly save you time, money, energy and effort. Let us worry about that, and you can sit back and enjoy the flight.

Please reach out to us with any questions you might have!