Making the Most of Your Airport Experience

Posted November 22, 2017

Remember when flying was glamorous and a relaxing way to get places? Well, now it is sometimes difficult to navigate an airport without having to weave in and out of the massive crowds waiting to board their flights. Throw in security, overbooked flights, and that screaming child you got stuck beside in the terminal, flying has become somewhat of a job within itself. It is not hard for you to lose sight of why you booked the flight in the first place when you have to deal with the hassles before boarding. However, fear not, there are a few ways you can maximize your airport experience, and actually, enjoy your time at the airport!

Get Connected (For Free!)

When you’re sitting in the airport, chances are you’ll need something to occupy your mind while you’re waiting. Lucky for you, most airports, including OAJ, have Wi-Fi hotspots that are convenient and allow you to work from the airport or communicate with friends and family without using your mobile data! This is especially helpful if you are traveling with children. You can always connect to the Wi-Fi and let them watch their favorite movies.

One thing to keep in mind is that many airports do have Wi-Fi sessions, which means that after a certain time you will lose the connection. Due to this, it is best to have offline streaming for the kiddos so that you can use your time on the Wi-Fi downloading the videos for them to watch. OAJ offers unlimited sessions as well as a library kiosk where you can “check-out” free e-books and some movies (no card required).

Arrive Early

The age-old rule of thumb for airport satisfaction is to arrive early. This may sound obvious, but let’s be honest, if you allow yourself the most time possible before your plane departs you’ll cut out a lot of airport stress. Many things can cause delays in airports such as traffic jams, long check-in lines, long lines at security, and even long airport corridors. Let’s not start your trip by running through the terminals looking a hot mess. Instead, plan an extra hour and be safe rather than sorry.

Arriving early also allows you to pick a prime spot for waiting in the terminal, as many people wait until the last possible minute to get to the airport. If you arrive earlier than the normal hour before the flight, you will be able to beat the large crowds!

Dress and Pack for TSA

Much to traveler’s dismay, by design the TSA’s rules and procedures change frequently. Even if you just took a flight two months ago, chances are TSA regulations may have changed. Before you pack, make sure that you check the TSA guidelines for what you can and cannot pack. TSA has also launched a new pre-check process that is available to some passengers. Using the pre-screen process, you are even allowed to get through security a little faster. Pre-screen checks require prior planning, so if you are planning to travel soon or you travel often, check out the pre-screen process!

Get Seating in Advance

Having your seat number before you board is always the way to go. It not only saves you time but also you’re also less likely to get bumped from an overbooked flight if you book your seats early. Seating in advance also gives you the perk of choosing the best seat for you, making your flight the most comfortable it can be! For long flights, you may want to check out in advance for information about the best seats to pick.

Taking all of our tips into consideration, you shouldn’t need another vacation, just to get over the hassle of your previous travels. Here at Jacksonville’s Ellis Airport, we are dedicated to making your airport experience hassle-free! Book your flight today!

Happy Travels!