It is our pleasure to serve those who serve our country as they travel so frequently through our airport. It is our goal to make your travel to and from surrounding bases as easy as possible. Currently there is no daily or on demand shuttle service between the Airport, Camp Geiger, Camp Lejeune, and MCAS New River. The Marine Corps offers a bus on most Tuesdays for arriving SOI students, so depending on arrival date, time and school this may be an option. Civilians or Marines arriving when the base's shuttle is not operating, generally use the licensed taxis available at the Airport.

It is suggested that arriving Marines connect with 1 or 2 others attending the same school upon arrival at OAJ and ride together as they are able to split the fare up to 3 ways. On days leading up to the start of schools there is usually no shortage of students at the Airport's USO, a place where Marines can relax, sleep, eat and meet up with fellow military travelers.

These trips are sometimes reimbursable. The passenger(s) must obtain a printed receipt (available from all taxi drivers) and turn that in with any other out of pocket travel expenses when reporting in. If you or loved ones are planning to attend any graduation ceremonies many of the local hotels offer discounts for Marine families. We hope this information helps. Happy Travels!

Check out our USO page for information.

Military? Be sure to check for military discounts here as you book your ticket. The airlines often offer big discounts to military travelers but not everyone knows to look for this.