Money Saving Travel Tips

Here at OAJ, we get it. We want to help you save as much money as possible so that you and your family can enjoy your vacation as much as possible. There are many things you will want to keep in mind when traveling this summer and we have put together some travel tips that should allow you to enjoy your trip the best that you can.


Flexibility is Key


When you’re booking flights and planning your travel dates, it is always a fantastic idea to have a bit of leeway for when you would be traveling. This can be difficult if you’re planning your travels last minute so do your best to avoid that. Keep in mind, flight prices increase for weekend trips, especially on long weekends. To get the cheapest airfare consider flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday.


The same goes for if you’ll be traveling via car. If you have road rage, like some of our staff, avoid driving during peak times. Another cool feature to utilize if driving is Google Maps’ “Arrive By” feature which suggests what time to leave, based off of when you want to arrive at your destination. This is particularly helpful if you do not know the area you’re driving to and aren’t sure of how traffic will be. This can be a true lifesaver!


When You’re In the Airport


With luggage fees and increased food prices, you may think it is impossible to save money when in the airport, but with some planning, you’ll be saving money in no time. For one, if you’re traveling with children, always bring snacks. Along with snacks, make sure that you bring something to keep your children’s attention, so they don’t end up finding a toy or something in the terminal that they have to have. If they already have their favorite toy, chances are they won’t even notice other things they may want you to buy.


Packing efficiently is another thing you should do to save money in the airport. As you know, there is an extra charge for additional checked bags, but if you utilize space and are smart about it, you can avoid these fees. Each passenger, including children, are allotted one carry-on, one personal item, and one checked bag. If you utilize each of these, you should be able to pack all of your things without needing to check additional bags.


Always Compare


Just because someone tells you that you’re getting the best deal around that doesn’t mean that they are right. You always want to be skeptical and compare prices on bundled trips to what it would cost if you paid for each service outright. Some sites even have a built-in price comparison tool that can help you find the best deal that meets your needs. The key here is to stay skeptical and protect yourself by performing extensive research.


Be Open to New Experiences


So your family has gone to your hometown to visit your family every year, and you always stay at the same bed and breakfast that is 2.75 miles from your childhood home. Well, the summer is time for adventure, so why not browse around a little? You may find a place to stay that’s cheaper than where you normally stay that may be close to a fun experience for the whole family. It is always a very good idea to be open when traveling, particularly as it could end up saving you some cold hard cash.


Book Early


Our last tip is one we’re sure you’ve heard before. Book early, but not too early. Booking in advance will always save you money, especially when comparing the cost of booking just days before your trip. Avoid the extra cost and just book at optimal times, such as a month or so before your trip.


Now that you know how to save money when traveling go ahead and book your flight   with OAJ. We are Eastern North Carolina’s premier airport for everyone from military members to families. We look forward to flying with you!